Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

PPC Marketing refers to a Cost per Click (CPC) allows you to bid for keywords and banner ad placements.A PPC campaigns can generate immediate results to grow your business and offer opportunities for geogrphical specific audience targeting and messaging.

By identifying highly Traffic keywords, search patterns and websites browsed when making an online purchase, we have the ability to target potential customers through the Awareness, Interest, Comparison and Purchase stages of the buying cycle. Advertising messaging can be customized with rates, offers, location information and other purchaser interest points to create the ‘best fit’ for your target audience. Coupled with the facility to geo-target campaigns, TechSamarth ensures defined ROI objectives are met.

We Create the panel off Google Adwords for the targeted audience to grow the business of our clients.

Why PPC with TechSamarth?

  • Pinpoint focused campaigns, structured and managed on a daily basis.
  • Emphasis on visibility and conversions with ROI objectives defined on a weekly basis.
  • On-going campaign evolution with keywords, messaging and market dynamics reviewed.
  • Regular competitor audits on PPC practices and possible insights.
  • Extensive domain knowledge and shorter learning curves for the hospitality industry.
  • In-depth visitor analysis and behavioral mapping to optimize conversions on an on-going basis.